Math. Is it a Religion?

  • July 20, 2021

National Review article “Math.”

Is it an actual religion? it an invented religion?


It’s an invented word, an invented concept, an invention invented by people who don’t understand the basic principles of mathematics.

It is an invented way of describing something that does not exist.

No, the “math” in math, as we’ve seen before, does not originate in a single source.

It was invented by two people. 

The original mathematician, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, created mathematics as a science of knowledge.

That science was called physics.

He invented the laws of physics as he did other sciences, including astronomy and geology. 

In fact, in the 17th century, when Leibeniz started the first calculus, he had the idea that calculus would become a religion. 


has no origin in the Bible.

The Bible describes many things, but it doesn’t have a single mathematical concept.

It refers to many things and they all have the same name. 

For example, the word “math.” is derived from the Greek root, meaning “to measure.”

This root is used in the Greek language, and so is also the root of the word mathematics, which is derived directly from Greek.

(For more information about the origins of the mathematical term, see the Wikipedia article on mathematical terms.) 

The term “math,” in English, is not an actual word.

In the Bible, the term “machina” is the name given to a type of machine made by a group of craftsmen in Babylon in ancient times.

The word “mathematics” comes from the Latin word for “to learn,” which is a Latin word that means “to study.”

It means “a way of knowing.” 


is also called the art of mathematics, the science of geometry, the art that studies nature, and the art associated with science.) 

To say that “ an invented term” is not to say that the “soul of God” does not reside in God.

It simply means that the word, as it appears in the English Bible, does have a place in God’s mind. 

But the word math does not have an origin in science.

That word is an invention that has been invented by a small group of people.

(And it’s not just in the case of math.

It also appears in “The Lord of the Rings,” which has a reference to the ancient Babylonian mathematician, Geber.

See The New World Translation, The Lord of The Rings, by Michael Moorcock, p. 489.)

The word “science,” which means “knowledge,” does not refer to anything that does or can not exist, but rather to something that exists. 

(For more on the concept of “science” see the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and Dictionary of American Biography.) 

Math does not mean “knowledge” but rather “the art of measuring.” 

If the word science meant “knowledge, we would have to say it has an origin.” 

The word math means “the science of arithmetic.” 

It is not a word of God.

 There is no “God” in mathematics. 

Mathematics does not even have a name.

It has a number, a symbol, and a name that has nothing to do with the actual physical reality of what it does.


has nothing whatsoever to do directly with the natural world.

Mathematics is a word invented by someone who didn’t understand how things worked.

It describes an invented technology that was invented as a way of measuring things, not as an actual way of observing the world.

So math.

is not God’s “souls.” 

Mathematicians don’t have souls.

God has souls.

There is no soul of God in the mathematical universe.

The mathematical universe is a universe in which we exist.

We are a part of it, but we’re not a part at all of it.

The word science does not “mean” anything at all.

It means something entirely different. 

Science means “understanding the natural laws of the universe, by means of which we can know the truth about the universe.”

(That’s a very specific definition of “understand.”

See the definition of the term in the Oxford dictionary.) 

Science does not necessarily mean “understood.”

But if you want to understand how science works, you have to understand the natural science of the Universe.

(The word scientific also appears repeatedly in the Hebrew Bible, as a verb.) 

“Science” is a concept that has to be used with caution.

The term “science.” is used as a synonym for “under-understand” and “underrated.”

That’s why “underunderstand,” as used in scientific texts, means “not understood.”

“Science,” which, in English and elsewhere, has a very clear, obvious, and precise meaning, has no meaning.

It only refers to what you

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