Which of these tech companies is the biggest?

  • August 2, 2021

Polygon readers take your questions and share them in our poll, so we can give our verdict.


Apple 2.

Google 3.

Microsoft 4.

Facebook 5.

Amazon 6.

IBM 7.

Facebook 8.

Samsung 9.

Oracle 10.

eBay 11.

Dell 12.

Microsoft 13.

Google 14.

Twitter 15.

eBay 16.

Netflix 17.

Facebook 18.

Netflix 19.

Facebook 20.

Amazon 21.

IBM 22.

Microsoft 23.

eBay 24.

Amazon 25.

Microsoft 26.

Microsoft 27.

Apple 28.

Google 29.

Microsoft 30.

Amazon 31.

Twitter 32.

eBay 33.

Facebook 34.

Amazon 35.

Amazon 36.

Twitter 37.

Microsoft 38.

Amazon 39.

Apple 40.

Microsoft 41.

Google 42.

Facebook 43.

Amazon 44.

Twitter 45.

Microsoft 46.

Facebook 47.

Facebook 48.

Facebook 49.

Microsoft 50.

Apple 51.

Amazon 52.

Google 53.

Amazon 54.

Facebook 55.

Amazon 56.

Facebook 57.

Facebook 58.

Facebook 59.

Apple 60.

Amazon 61.

Facebook 62.

Google 63.

Facebook 64.

Amazon 65.

Twitter 66.

Microsoft 67.

Microsoft 68.

Google 69.

Google 70.

Apple 71.

Facebook 72.

Amazon 73.

Apple 74.

Microsoft 75.

Facebook 76.

Facebook 77.

Facebook 78.

Apple 79.

Facebook 80.

Amazon 81.

Facebook 82.

Google 83.

Amazon 84.

Google 85.

Microsoft 86.

Microsoft 87.

Facebook 88.

Microsoft 89.

Facebook 90.

Apple 91.

Apple 92.

Facebook 93.

Facebook 94.

Facebook 95.

Facebook 96.

Amazon 97.

Amazon 98.

Google 99.

Facebook 100.

Facebook 101.

Amazon 102.

Amazon 103.

Amazon 104.

Amazon 105.

Amazon 106.

Amazon 107.

Amazon 108.

Amazon 109.

Amazon 110.

Amazon 111.

Amazon 112.

Amazon 113.

Amazon 114.

Amazon 115.

Amazon 116.

Amazon 117.

Amazon 118.

Amazon 119.

Amazon 120.

Amazon 121.

Amazon 122.

Amazon 123.

Amazon 124.

Amazon 125.

Amazon 126.

Amazon 127.

Amazon 128.

Amazon 129.

Amazon 130.

Amazon 131.

Amazon 132.

Amazon 133.

Amazon 134.

Amazon 135.

Amazon 136.

Amazon 137.

Amazon 138.

Amazon 139.

Amazon 140.

Amazon 141.

Amazon 142.

Amazon 143.

Amazon 144.

Amazon 145.

Amazon 146.

Amazon 147.

Amazon 148.

Amazon 149.

Amazon 150.

Amazon 151.

Amazon 152.

Amazon 153.

Amazon 154.

Amazon 155.

Amazon 156.

Amazon 157.

Amazon 158.

Amazon 159.

Amazon 160.

Amazon 161.

Amazon 162.

Amazon 163.

Amazon 164.

Amazon 165.

Amazon 166.

Amazon 167.

Amazon 168.

Amazon 169.

Amazon 170.

Amazon 171.

Amazon 172.

Amazon 173.

Amazon 174.

Amazon 175.

Amazon 176.

Amazon 177.

Amazon 178.

Amazon 179.

Amazon 180.

Amazon 181.

Amazon 182.

Amazon 183.

Amazon 184.

Amazon 185.

Amazon 186.

Amazon 187.

Amazon 188.

Amazon 189.

Amazon 190.

Amazon 191.

Amazon 192.

Amazon 193.

Amazon 194.

Amazon 195.

Amazon 196.

Amazon 197.

Amazon 198.

Amazon 199.

Amazon 200.

Amazon 201.

Amazon 202.

Amazon 203.

Amazon 204.

Amazon 205.

Amazon 206.

Amazon 207.

Amazon 208.

Amazon 209.

Amazon 210.

Amazon 211.

Amazon 212.

Amazon 213.

Amazon 214.

Amazon 215.

Amazon 216.

Amazon 217.

Amazon 218.

Amazon 219.

Amazon 220.

Amazon 221.

Amazon 222.

Amazon 223.

Amazon 224.

Amazon 225.

Amazon 226.

Amazon 227.

Amazon 228.

Amazon 229.

Amazon 230.

Amazon 231.

Amazon 232.

Amazon 233.

Amazon 234.

Amazon 235.

Amazon 236.

Amazon 237.

Amazon 238.

Amazon 239.

Amazon 240.

Amazon 241.

Amazon 242.

Amazon 243.

Amazon 244.

Amazon 245.

Amazon 246.

Amazon 247.

Amazon 248.

Amazon 249.

Amazon 250.

Amazon 251.

Amazon 252.

Amazon 253.

Amazon 254.

Amazon 255.

Amazon 256.

Amazon 257.

Amazon 258.

Amazon 259.

Amazon 260.

Amazon 261.

Amazon 262.

Amazon 263.

Amazon 264.

Amazon 265.

Amazon 266.

Amazon 267.

Amazon 268.

Amazon 269.

Amazon 270.

Amazon 271.

Amazon 272.

Amazon 273.

Amazon 274.

Amazon 275.

Amazon 276.

Amazon 277.

Amazon 278.

Amazon 279.

Amazon 280.

Amazon 281.

Amazon 282.

Amazon 283.

Amazon 284.

Amazon 285.

Amazon 286.

Amazon 287.

Amazon 288.

Amazon 289.

Amazon 290.

Amazon 291.

Amazon 292.

Amazon 293.

Amazon 294.

Amazon 295.

Amazon 296.

Amazon 297.

Amazon 298.

Amazon 299.

Amazon 300.

Amazon 301.

Amazon 302.

Amazon 303.

Amazon 304.

Amazon 305.

Amazon 306.

Amazon 307.

Amazon 308.

Amazon 309.

Amazon 310.

Amazon 311.

Amazon 312.

Amazon 313.

Amazon 314.

Amazon 315.

Amazon 316.

Amazon 317.

Amazon 318.

Amazon 319.

Amazon 320.

Amazon 321.

Amazon 322.

Amazon 323.

Amazon 324.

Amazon 325.

Amazon 326. Amazon 327

Which are the most common maths and algebra words?

  • August 1, 2021

In the past few years, students have taken to Twitter to share their favourite maths and English words.

The words with the highest popularity tend to be more abstract concepts that can be used to analyse or explain complex situations.

A popular choice for students to share is the word ‘algebra’ which is used in conjunction with the word number and the concept of an abstract number.

Its common to see the word word ‘Algebra’ used to explain the meaning of numbers.

Math is a subject which many students are drawn to, especially maths students, because of the practical applications it has to life, but its also a subject that can take up time and energy, particularly if you’re an inexperienced or inexperienced learner.

Some students, including some of our own, have found it easier to work on maths by studying with a teacher.

We also often see students who have never been in school using maths or learning by studying other subjects.

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All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative.

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Basic arithmetic: The basics

  • August 1, 2021

The Globe and Mail article Basic arithmetic is a basic concept that’s often ignored, but it’s really important.

To make an idea true, it has to be repeated several times.

But there are a lot of misconceptions about how it works, and you can help dispel some of them by reading the basics of basic arithmetic.

What is arithmetic?

Basics in arithmetic are defined in the rules of basic calculus, which are written in terms of symbols.

These symbols are called operators, and they can be used to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and round to and fro.

An example of an operator is a dot, which means add one to one.

In this example, the dot is added to the first number.

It means to add one, and then to subtract one, the first one is subtracted from the second.

And so on.

You can use the dot, for example, to subtract 1 from the first two numbers, 2 and 3.

You could also use the operator to multiply two numbers.

And to do a simple addition, you use the addition sign.

For example, if you add the number 1 to the number 2, you get the number 3.

The dot represents the addition, and the arrow indicates which number to add the value of.

For more information on basic arithmetic, see “How is arithmetic explained?” or “Why are some things more complicated than others?”

Basic arithmetic was invented in 1868 by the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss.

It was originally a method of algebra, but over time it was taken up by other mathematicians and was used to develop mathematical methods for everything from accounting to the production of financial products.

The basic principles of basic math are simple.

For instance, add and multiply two values, divide two numbers and then add the result to the third.

Divide two numbers by three, add one and then multiply by two.

The multiplication operator adds the two numbers to a number, and if you multiply two together, you’re adding one.

If you add two numbers together, they add together.

The square root of a number is the product of two numbers divided by three.

The hypotenuse of a circle is the angle between the center of two straight lines.

The fractional part of a complex number is a fraction of the circumference of a straight line.

And the quotient of two fractions is the ratio of the quotients of the two parts.

The sum of two complex numbers is the sum of the sums of the numbers in the complex numbers.

The remainder of a series of complex numbers that is divided by two is called the derivative.

For the simple example, you can add two fractions to get the product 3.

Add the sum to 3, and add the quotitor to 3 to get 3/2.

Divide the quotiter by 3 to obtain 6.

The root of two series is called a fraction, and for complex numbers it is the square root.

So for a series x of complex values, the root of the series is 1.

The formula for the root is 2x + 3/x.

The product of a positive and a negative is called an absolute value, and it is used in accounting, finance, and other fields of study.

The number 3 is called one.

The decimal point is the second power of two.

A decimal point represents the largest integer that is greater than the smallest integer that can be represented by the whole number.

You might have heard that the first digit of a binary number is zero, and that this is what we call a decimal point.

But this is incorrect.

If the number is negative, it is called 1.

But a decimal digit represents the number minus one.

So the decimal point for a negative number is -1.

In fact, we have zero and one decimal digits in the decimal system, but they are different from one and zero in the mathematical system.

We call them negative numbers.

You need to be able to convert between the two types of numbers.

We need to convert from one to the other when we multiply or divide them, but we can also convert from the positive to the negative.

So let’s say that the value 2 is positive and 3 is negative.

We can multiply it by 1 to get 5.

Divide it by 3 and you get 3.

Divide 5 by 3, you’ll get 12.

We will use this example to make the first basic mathematical point about arithmetic: Basic arithmetic doesn’t really matter.

We have the same number of decimal points and the same power of three.

So you can multiply and divide the number to get any value you like.

It’s a basic rule of arithmetic.

But how do we know it’s correct?

We can use a tool called a logarithm, which tells us how many digits we need to add or subtract to get a certain number.

For an example, let’s divide a number by 2 to get 2/3.

This means we need 2 log 2 to subtract from the value.

If we multiply 2 by 2, we get 5

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