The most expensive book ever printed

  • July 14, 2021

More than three billion copies of “The Book of the Year” were sold worldwide, but the most expensive print ever made was actually a book published in 1930, according to new research.

The book, called “The Life of Charles Dickens”, is believed to be the largest and most expensive printed book ever produced by an author, with sales estimated to be around $500 million, the Australian Financial Review reported.

The book, which was sold by the publisher to a private publisher for $300 million in 1932, sold out within three days and was replaced by a new edition by a rival company.

The original version was published in 1932 and was also reissued in a second edition in 1984.

The second edition was the last published edition of the book, and it was bought by the new publisher, Penguin Random House, in 2012.

“It was very popular in the 1930s and 30s and was a very popular book and one of the very few books that sold,” Dr Paul Boudreaux, a lecturer at the University of Sydney’s department of economics, told the paper.

It was an extremely well-known and highly sought after book and it sold well and it did well.

The new version was much more rare and rarer.

Boudreault added that it was not the first time that a book had sold for more than $300m.

“It is very rare,” he said.

“You’d expect the first one to sell for $1m.

Read more:The original copy of the first edition of The Life of Dickens was sold for $2.6 million in 1928.

“[The second edition] was not a very good book, it was very rare and it’s not very well known.””

This is a book that was not sold in Australia and you would expect it to be very difficult to find,” he told ABC News.

“[The second edition] was not a very good book, it was very rare and it’s not very well known.”

Dr Bousreaux said he did not know how the second edition would fare compared to the first.

But it is believed the book is one of only four known copies of the original.

A second edition of Dickens, which is not known for being as good as the first, was released in 2014 and is estimated to have sold more than a million copies.

More to come.

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